A joyful ‘Aarrrgggghh’

In the documentary ‘Possibilities’ of Herbie Hancock, Carlos Santana states "Everyday is a battlefield;
Fight with anger and you’re the problem;
Fight with joy and you’re the solution.

So it is with joy that I keep pointing out how the nation is being screwed on Obama’s ‘watch’.

"Some Federal Reserve officials are open to raising the amounts of mortgage and Treasury securities purchase programs beyond the $1.75 trillion that they have already committed to buying, according to minutes from the Fed’s April meeting."

"Officials also signaled that while they are open to more transparency, they are also unlikely to name names when it comes to the banks that use the Fed’s lending facilities.

“It was noted that disclosing the identities of individual borrowers would very likely discourage use of the Federal Reserve’s liquidity and credit facilities,” the Fed said."

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