435/37. It’s all about Power. But do we have the guts to really change D.C.?

Imagine. January 2011. 435 NEW Representatives and 37 NEW Senators. All elected by American’s that will no longer stand for the crap coming from D.C..

Imagine the paradigm shift in focus Congress would experience. Instead of the imbedded politicians who owe their position to their corporate sponsors, America would have, for the first time in recent history, a Congress that clearly understands that their constituents are the people they work for — and need to please.

Would there be chaos? Perhaps. But I find it impossible to believe that the life-long politicians in office now cannot be replaced successfully. No amount of ‘experience’, ‘connections’, or ‘party influence’ can make up for the total corrupt mess that Congress has legislated, funded, and sanctioned. These failures need to be booted out of our lives.

In the end, it is really about power. Congress acts as if they are our ‘leaders’, our ‘rulers’. They make the laws that the sheeple must follow — whether they like it or not. TARP, Mandatory Health Insurance, Patriot Act, Afghanistan, Iraq, "Financial Reform" that consolidates the Federal Reserves power — all are just a few of the pitiful examples of a group of men and women who believe they are the elite rulers over you — and will they will make laws and spend your money without regard to your voice.

Ask yourself these simple questions — Do you feel you have any power in Washington D.C.? Do you feel you have any voice on the decisions that affect your life, liberty and pursuit of happiness?

Your vote is your power. But power must be exercised. We cannot expect change from the institutionalized nonsense that is currently in office. Every incumbent must go as a show of force and will from the American People that will wake up our politicians as to whom they work for, and for whom their Constitutional responsibilities reside.

America needs change. 435/37 in November will show the force, power and will of the American People to take the lead in changing the Country back to "of the people, for the people".

Do you have the guts and the will to become the most powerful force in politics?

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