Pastor Steven Anderson The Disappering Smoke Alarm Man

Earlier this afternoon I did a quick posting at about 3:30 PM on FOCUS about Rick Sanchez and CNN breaking a story about the good Pastor selling smoke alarms via a site

At the time I just presumed this story was all over sites like PHB and as I was busy working on an advertiser info page for Artlyn Entertainment I didn't go on any of my regular favorites to see nor had been on them all day.

As I'm just now getting back online, I was going to do a cross-post to my story and as I pulled up the posting on my blog …. OMG … what happened !?! De Pastor has gone up in smoke !!!

The video has been taken down, not only that one, but all of the videos that were at YouTube under and the account is closed.

And the website is ka-put too !

Guess CNN and Sanchez was on to something when it was suggested he was running this “day job” operation from his church, therein questioning tax relief as a religious organization.

Well boys and girls, as they say, if you can't stand the heat …. stay out of Hell !

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