Sunday Preaching 2

Hatch: I have no problem with judges having a heart, wanting to do what’s right and wanting to live within the legal constraints that do exist. When they start substituting their own personal policy preferences for what the law really is then that’s the misuse of empathy, and a person like that shouldn’t be sitting on the bench.

Hatch raised concerns initially that Obama was using “buzz words” for a liberal activist justice by suggesting he wanted someone who had “empathy” for the country’s problems. But Obama told Hatch “that was not what he meant, and I take him at his word … and that he assured me that he would not be picking a radical or an extremist for the court that he was very pragmatic in his approach and that he would pick somebody who would abide by the rule of law.”
Really! I mean heaven forbid we had someone up there in a black robe actually caring about the problems and everyday concerns of Americans, as opposed to the button-down corporatist toadies we mostly have in there now. Did you know that “empathy” is an evil code word for “socialist,”

When they start substituting their own personal policy preferences for what the law really is then that’s the misuse of empathy, and a person like that shouldn’t be sitting on the bench.

So if a person is trying to be compassionate to adhere to the Spirt rather than the Letter of the Law Compassionately trying to help people redress their problems Orin thinks its a Personal Policy Preference?
What part of We the People does Orin Not Understand? Why does not Orin rally against Corporations with armies of Lawyers who make their money interpreting the law based on words to their clients benefit?
We have Laws Orin to Help people the Law like the Bible and I presume the Book Of Mormon is a living growing, thing its not just dead words.
The day the Law the day the Bible and the Book of Mormon stop being that stop growing and changing with the times is the day they day they die. Adapt and be relevant for today or be forgotten there is a reason Church attendance is dropping Orin.
The Law the Bible the Book of Mormon they all exist to help people first not Corporations.

To win on Healthcare to win on anything the Left must use personal stories of sick people of people suffering. We need people willing to share their pain in the desire to avoid others from having to suffer.
We must find societies ills and try and fix them.
The desire to do this is the Muse to all our Lefty ideas. The GOP has no ideas except to attack us on our failings real or imagined yoke that anger.
And then count on our failures to keep our side in despair and not show up election day this despair helps explains low Minority voter turnout before Obama.
The next election for us is a measure of that hope we must deliver!

Whats that Bible verse about Jesus saying I was hungry and you ignored me? I was naked and you walked on by? I was in Prison and you never once came to visit me?
When were you Poor, Naked, in Prison Lord?? That which you do onto the least of my brothers is that which you do onto me.
This verse is the foundation the reason for Christians to form a government not everybody can spend all their time helping the poor we do have lives and work if society if the human race is to continue a large group like government can address these problems better than religion can.
After all was it Government or the Church that pushed through Social Security and cared for old folks?
Was it Government or Church that created Medicare and hopefully soon National Health care?
Was it Government or Church that created the FDA and regulated away slaughterhouses serving dead animals in Hamburger and took the Coke out of Coke?
Can I get an Amen!

All this government did because of Compassion for the people putting the welfare of the people ahead of Corporate profits with LAW Orin never forget that! A Compassion that Every religious faith works hard to instill in its members.
Religious Belief should not be forced on people Government should protect all of our rights to believe what we want as long as those beliefs do not take away an other’s Rights.
However society cannot exist without Compassion and True Churches teach that.

Orin you claim to follow the Way but many are those who claim to speak in Jesus’s name you are a False Prophet a follower of Money.
Begone! To the Lake of Fire which awaits you and trouble us no more!
Begone in His Name!

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