Bush gets No Respect

This Never Happened To Saddam

Not exactly what we consider to be within the bounds of free speech in this country, Bill Ayers’ take on that notwithstanding. Unclear how it’s going over in Iraq, though the report of the shoe chucker being dragged off screaming suggests Iraqis also view the throwing of objects at foreign dignitaries as inappropriate behavior. Bit of a violation of the Arab hospitality thing.

I’m pretty sure no one, including this ill-mannered lout of a scribbler, ever did that to Saddam


Palestinians throw rocks at Israeli tanks. Saddam never let anyone not loyal to him get that close. Its sad that the Right is complaining that Bush is being treated like Saddam.
By the very people he helped Liberate!
Those ungrateful #@!^! did Saddam kill as many Iraqi’s as Bush? Did Saddam torture as many Iraqi’s as Bush?
Just what does Bush have to do to get some Respect! Just What does Bush have to do to inspire some real Fear and Terror?
Why did Saddam have it so easy he never worked as hard at being Evil as Bush does!


Casualties from Iraq’s gulag are harder to estimate. Accounts collected by Western human rights groups from Iraqi émigrés and defectors have suggested that the number of those who have ”disappeared” into the hands of the secret police, never to be heard from again, could be 200,000. As long as Mr. Hussein remains in power, figures like these will be uncheckable, but the huge toll is palpable nonetheless


Another 22,586–24,159 civilian deaths have been recorded in 2007 through Iraq Body Count’s extensive monitoring of media and official reports. These figures, though undoubtedly incomplete, are the most comprehensive and well-established currently available, and show beyond any doubt that civil security in Iraq remains in a parlous state. Figures for the most recent months indicate that violence in Iraq has returned to the monthly levels IBC was recording in 2005, a year which was itself (until 2006) the worst since the invasion. 1

1Iraq death toll in third year of occupation is highest yet IBC Press release, 9 Mar 2006.
Year Civilians Killed
2003 10,077 – 12,010
2004 9,741 – 10,573
2005 13,071 – 14,324
2006 25,699 – 27,519
2007 22,586 – 24,159

As of January 1st 2008, the IBC total for violent civilian deaths to the end of 2007 is 81,174–88,585 (including our preliminary figure of 902 for December 2007).


Ok I’m wrong but Saddam had decades to reach his numbers! Bush is trying as hard as he can!
Bush just gets no respect!
Maybe if he had Caught Ossama!

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