Obama Haters and Personality Cults

As I interact with my fellow liberals (?) here on FDL I have over the weeks encountered what (in my opinion) might be interpreted as Obama-haters. Within the space of a few weeks our gutless leader has been called everything from a “cock-sucker” to a eunuch. To be fair, I too am guilty of taking more than a couple of shots below the belt at “Your Irrelevance.”

Yes,  I realize that unlike the Tea Party racists  who lost their collective minds At the sight of a Black man strutting around their “white-house” and using Air-force One as if he were the president or something we on the left hate his gutless guts for the right reasons!

I live near Detroit: Obama country to be sure. Every other Black person I see either has Obama’s face on their T-shirt, or his name plastered on their hat, car, windows and some firm succulent young ladies across the rear of  their jeans. I understand why the first Black president has become a cult figure among a people who have been told for so long by our culture that they were defective and  not “real” Americans; It’s  not rocket science. In a way this seems akin to the white good-old boys who assumed because Connecticut bred rich frat boy George W. Bush cleared some brush in cowboy boots that he was someone they could have a beer with.   This being said, Black people (like all people) are not monolithic. Harry Belafonte,  Cornel West and Danny Glover (to name a few) are Black liberals who have been extremely critical of Obama.

My wife is a traveling Nurse: we own a motor home and travel around the country a lot. In our travels Out west (NM, AZ CA, OR) I have encountered many white people who hate Obama for all the wrong reasons. If it were not so racist and pathetic it would be comical: when I engage them in conversation I discover they fear and hate the man because they think (or have been told) that Obama is going to take their hard earned tax dollars and give it to poor Black people. Another myth among my White brethren is that Obama has some secret back door plan to finally give Blacks that 40 acres and a mule our government promised them for all those years of torture, rape and free labor (reparations).  Obama is a lot of things, but the Black Messiah is not one of them.

President Obama did not keep his word concerning the NSA spying and FISA law violation by the telecommunication companies (Verizon, AT&T..) and the Bush administration.  He completely sold us out to the Drug companies and Insurance companies; lied about closing GITMO ; Killed more little brown people with drones than Bush ever did; crossed the line into assassination  of American citizen (without a trial); continued Extraordinary Rendition………..

I could go one for awhile, but you get the point. There are  countless “real” reasons to fear and loath Obama, so why make up lame crap like “he is the anti-Christ”; or  “he was born in Kenya”;


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