An Open Letter to President Obama

Dear Mr. President, I have good news and bad news for you. The good is Democrats will not lose many seats this November; now for the bad news. California’s Senator Barbara Boxer is fighting for her political life.

I was born and grew up in California. I can guarantee you that California is not a true blue state. Remember, the golden state gave America Ronald Reagan and Richard Nixon. There are pockets of California that are as red as any red state imaginable. And, these conservatives have real money to spend on elections. Senator Boxers’ likely opponent in the fall will be billionaire Meg Whitman.

Barbara Boxer losing her Northern California seat in November will be the west coast version of Scott Brown winning Uncle Ted’s sent in Massachusetts. This is not an exaggeration. The only difference being Scott Brown is this year’s political pet rock. Meg Whitman is no fool and is very wealthy.

For some reason, I cannot explain why all Republicans hate all things California. I don’t know why. Taking away this Democratic seat and placing Senator Boxer’s head on a pike would give Republicans greater pleasure than defeating Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid; although, they will really, really try for both wins to embarrass you twice more.

If Republicans are successful in defeating strategically important Democrats this fall, the real massacre will occur in 2012 and you will become a one term President. How did losing Ted Kennedy’s seat make you feel?

Mr. President, there is an easy way and a hard way to turn things around. Let’s discuss the easy way; energize your base.

Your base is demonized. We both know why. If you follow this advice to reenergize your base between now and the November elections, the Democratic Party and your reelection will be protected.

First, nominate for the Supreme Court bench either Professor Jonathan Turley or Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.. Either name will scare the shit out of the right. You have the votes to get either man through the conformation process. Professor Erwin Chemerinsky should also be considered. Your base will go wild.

Next, have Nancy Pelosi to send up a bill for limited off-shore drilling and have the house Democrats defeat it. Do the same in the senate. Then tell your base change can happen only when they are involved. You will begin to see those donations come back that dropped off because of healthcare reform. Californians are sensitive to off-shore drilling. This will add 5 points to Senator Boxer’s turnout.

Finally, call on congress to pass Congressman Alan Grayson’s H.R. 4789 Public Option Act bill before the November election.

If you do these three things, your base will never leave you. What Bush and Cheney understood is that if you play to your base you can weather any storm. And if you think you can move to your right and win reelection, like Bill Clinton in 1996, think again. Bob Dole had no base to energize and unemployment was low. The entire right is energized to defeat you in 2012. They only wish it could be done sooner.

Mr. President, think it over; but not too long.

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