Let’s Pick-Jazz, Pop, 50’s, You Likely Don’t Know.

Les Paul.

Mary Ford.

He the most brilliant tech based picker, she a voice of gold.

Together they layered music and over dubs like NO ONE had ever done.

N she could pick the snot out of it, too.

Les, he was an engineer, audio genius, and self made multi tracking and over dubs to the art form others would find it after him. Beatles and their producer George Martin would use many of his tricks a decade or two later for the Beatles.

As would Barry Gordy, n Phil Spector.

But Mary N Les? What a sound! They sang, they dubbed, they picked, they sold records galore and made money!

Short Wiki.

Here’s more of The Les Wiki. Wiki.

Les invented stuff, others would use then and also decades later.

Humbug pickups.

Best git sounding toys for ever. Players know this.

Let’s get to the chase, here’s their most famous song, it was used by the be boppers as they came about from pop to their own identity. They would play this tune, but change keys and not tell anyone. N jam the shit outta it.

Beboppers ripped off pop music to do their thang, look it up.


Overdubs, or not, Mary Ford hit her notes, and Les Paul was a monster on the git. Folks, this was the 50’s early 50’s. Les Paul was rippin licks git pickers for decades since still covet!

Here’s Mary N Les but I can’t find the one where they swap licks.


Les just kills this . . . I love Mary Ford’s music and voice. Bless her.

Here’s one where they muss about with swappin stuff.

N to close, Les pickin his usual insane, Mary sweet as always.

Ya just can’t ignore this epoch time in music history. They changed everything, and it was the 50’s. Bless them both.

Les Paul, git . . . one of the best ever.

Mary Ford, git and voice, one of the best ever.

If Django and Stephan set the stage, along with Charlie Christian, for amplified gits in the 20’s n 30’s, Les and his work, and Mary’s voice and git (she could pick as good as Les, I can’t find the tube I’m lookin for) rebuilt the stage for decades during and beyond the 50’s.

Damn they were grand!

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