“Jimmy Carter Cared and Barack Obama Didn’t”

Note: Published earlier today at the web site for the Chicano Veterans Organization (CVO). Enjoy!

Today, I am dispensing with the usual for the "odds and ends" and thusly, spend this amount of time talking about the unemployed in our America. Thusly, if you are worthy for calling yourself a "liberal" then it’s incumbent on all of us to come to the defense of America’s unemployed population. And no slackards are permitted.

Next week, President Obama is unveiling his legislation that will ‘help’ the business community. This legislation will deliver a variety of tax cuts to the small business, and where possible or indirectly, to the much larger business community and done with a rhetoric that does not include the word "stimulus". Consequently, a moral cowardice for conveniently avoiding the "loaded" words that will anger the political right, seems to be our in our Future. And yet, any person of the economic cognoscenti persuasion understands that tax cuts do not create or boost "demand" by consumers, but does put additional profits into the wallets of anyone receiving a tax cut.

History has proven that if consumer "demand" is going to be created, putting people to work, will accomplish this goal. Further, history has proven that On-the-Job Contracts for the unemployed will constructively boost consumer demand. And needless to say on my part but I will, the taxpayers will recapture this initial investment for these OJT Contracts within a time frame consisiting of anywhere from 18 to 24 months, on average.

So, if President Obama truly cares for the unemployed population, he would be advocating OJT Contracts within his overall Schematic for Tax Cuts. But he won’t. He enjoys far too much for rubbing elbows with America’s arch-conservatives and while pandering to the overtly wealthy, and while distancing himself from the Econonmically Disadvantaged.

Consequently, starting in January of next year, the CVO will begin the political process for attempting "to pursuade" and "to redirect" Hispanic and Native American voters away from President Obama’s re-election efforts for 2014. And this is being done on the premise that we managed to survive Bush and Cheney for eight years. As such, we have both the capability and capacity to survive Obama and Biden for another two years, and if necessary, another six years

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