Memo to the White House: Monty Python’s Holy Grail Was Funnier

Watching Barack Obama and his White House crew do their so called jobs reminds me of some of the scenes from Monty Python’s Holy Grail film:

  • Greg Sargent’s piece demonstrates once again that Obama (King Arthur stand in) can be continuously humiliated and made to “run away!” by Republicans (the French Knights).  Running away from calling Mitt Romney “weird”?  Flash mental image of John Cleese throwing a goose at David Axelrod.
  • The debt ceiling debacle is the catapulted cow.  Obama could have easily avoided this political disaster  with the 14th Amendment, but he let this one squish him.
  • Obama’s policies work as well as the Trojan Rabbit ploy.  Only problem is that Obama’s Trojan Rabbit is designed to fool the Democratic base and not the Republicans.
  • Obama fanatics are Sir Robin’s minstrels.  They don’t realize that they are on the menu come November of 2012.
  • The Black Knight is the Tea Party.
  • Obama believes that he is ordained to be President because of the gift of Excalibur (money) from the Lady of the Lake ( Wall Street).  Progressive critics of Obama claim that political power is not derived from some watery tart.
  • Obama’s 11th dimensional chess game strategy for reelection- focusing on deficit reduction during a severe recession – comes down to prancing like you are riding horses while smacking coconuts together for sound effects.

While I love Holy Grail, seeing Obama and his corporate shills reenact a British comedy troupes skits as national policy is not making me laugh.

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