graphic by twolf

graphic by twolf

Eric Holder is a horrid choice to lead the Obama Department of Justice as both Looseheadprop and I have pointed out numerous ways and times (See: here, here, here, here and here). In spite of this fact, Judiciary Committee Chairman Pat Leahy inexplicably thinks he is the greatest thing since sliced bread and can’t wait to confirm the relentless big business elite power suck up Holder:

I want to continue the work we began last year when I scheduled prompt hearings and the Senate proceeded to confirm Michael Mukasey, Mark Filip and Kevin O’Connor to serve as Attorney General, Deputy Attorney General and Associate Attorney General after the Rove-Gonzales resignations, even though we were on the eve of the election of a new President. We cannot now delay restoring the Justice Department and the confidence the American people have in our justice system. We must promptly consider and confirm Eric H. Holder Jr., and other nominees of the new President.

Yeah, good plan Pat because, you know, those quick confirmations of Mukasey, Filip and O’Connor worked out so blindingly well. Or not. Well, the ever prescient Leahy did see his opposition coming when he said:

But of course since then, Karl Rove has appeared on the Today Show and signaled that Republicans ought to go after Mr. Holder. Right-wing talk radio took up the drum beat.

Guess what Pat; it is more than on talk shows that Karl Rove will be your nemesis.

Yep, on tomorrow’s edition of the syndicated The Chris Matthews Show, on the "Tell Me What I Don’t Know" segment, Andrea Mitchell will announce that "Karl Rove will be running and leading the GOP effort against Senate confirmation of the Eric Holder nomination".

Wow. It sure isn’t every day that I wish Karl Rove the best of luck, but today is that rarest of days. Go get em Karl, because the nation needs a lot cleaner and more inspirational person than Eric Holder to lead the Department of Justice out of the morass the Bush Administration has placed it in.